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what i am expecting from long distance calling plans or international calling plan? i want to pay only when i am using it, and not pay anything if i am not using the service.

Prepaid Calling Cards even if it is small fee let say 10$ or 10 Euro per month why pay at all if i don't use it. i want the cost of using the calling service to be as cheap and compatible to any other services in the market on that time. i want the service to be very simple to use. i want that i can use the service and make calls from anywhere in the world and still pay good price, for example if i am abroad or out of my home town.

There are voip services that offer very low rates or even free to as much as more then 70 destinations on the globe absolutely free. but you need to have plus credit balance. that means you have to use it from time to time. i want the rates to be simple and clear not hidden or complex so you never figure out what you are going to pay.

We have tried several long distance calling plans over the years and recently we switched over to a VOIP system which provides us with tons of calling features and unlimited long distance throughout North America for one very reasonable monthly fee.

Previously, we were signed up with our local phone company for their $20.00 per month plan. This allowed us to make unlimited telephone calls, evenings (between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.) and all day on the weekends. This long distance calling plan worked out well for a while, until I ended up on sick leave from work, and found myself at home during the day with nothing to do.

Another option we've availed ourselves of, that's related to the topic of long distance calling plans, is using a long distance calling code to get reduced rates. We simply dial in a seven digit code and then the area code and phone number and our calls are rerouted through a discount long distance provider. The good thing with this option is that it doesn't interfere with any long distance calling plans already arranged for your phone line. It simply operates around the existing calling plan.

To avoid long distance charges when we've been between long distance calling plans, we tried setting up our web cams and enabled the voice options so that we could talk to my parents who live 24 hours away. Unfortunately, this system has it's glitches and even the kids grew tired of this pretty quickly.

VOIP seems like one of the best long distance calling plans to come along in a long time. To be able to make long distance calls at any time of day or night and to not have to limit our calls to a certain number of minutes seems like the perfect solution, seeing as we are large users of long distance services. Even better, there is just one monthly charge with no hidden fees and you get all of the calling features rather than having to pick and choose among packages. I believe our monthly bill comes to $40.00 per month and that includes all applicable fees and taxes.

Now we're hoping that long distance calling plans for cell phones start to become more competitive, allowing us to reach friends and loved ones, day or night, no matter where we might be. When long distance calling plans become both flexible and affordable it becomes that much easier to keep in touch.

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