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few month ago i have been in Italy i had my cell phone with me but i new that for cellular calls from out of my country i will pay very high rate like about 3$ - 4$ per minute. so i said to myself why not use the public phone in the airport. for local call to my son to pick me.

well i found a calling cards machine and bought a card. unfortunately it was only for international calls. well i think you have to be prepared when you come to a new country

Prepaid phone cards are the ideal choice for people who want to make cheap local and long-distance calls, without having to replace their telephone provider. NobelCom prepaid phone cards allow their users to place calls from pay phones or mobile phones, being very convenient for travelers and people away from home. Prepaid cell phone calling card minutes are also great for teenagers, effectively limiting their monthly budget. See more->> Absolute Lowest Rates

here are some examples rates

All About the Most Popular Prepaid Calling Card Destinations: Phone Card Rates in US Cents
  Argentina Phone Cards 1.2 
  Australia Phone Cards 1.3 
  Brazil Phone Cards 1.9 
  Bulgaria Phone Cards 1.9 
  Canada Phone Cards 0.9 
  China Phone Cards 1.1 
  France Phone Cards 1.3
  Germany Phone Cards 1.1 
  Pakistan Phone Cards 8.4
  Philippines Phone Cards 6.9
  Romania Phone Cards 2.4 
  Russia Phone Cards 2.2 
  South Africa Phone Cards 4.4 
  Spain Phone Cards 1.2
  United Kingdom Phone Cards 0.9 
  United States Phone Cards 0.9
  India Phone Cards 4.4
  Iran Phone Cards 6.4
  Iraq Phone Cards 4.4
  Israel Phone Cards 1.4 
  Italy Phone Cards 1.4
  Japan Phone Cards 2.1
  Korea South Phone Cards 1.4
  Mexico Phone Cards 1.8

Rates are changing from time to time so please check the most recent rates at the service provider website

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