Prepaid Calling Cards

Shopping for international calling cards is simple

The proliferation of cell phones and comprehensive monthly service plans that include lots of free anytime long-distance minutes has allowed people to easily keep in touch with family members spread out across the country.

This kind of long-distance plan is great for those who only call within the United States, but what should you do if you have friends and family living overseas? Most long-distance carriers in the U.S. charge very high rates for overseas phone calls, especially during peak hours. Instead of continuing to pay whatever your phone company tells you to pay and calling only during certain times of the day or night, why not take back control of your calls by purchasing an international calling card?

Prepaid Calling Cards

Shopping for international calling cards is simple. They are widely available on the Internet today, so all you have to do is get online and run a couple of searches. You'll then be able to browse through numerous websites that all offer a variety of prepaid international calling cards for you to purchase. Most of these websites also have a comparison tool that allows you to compare all of the international phone cards that they sell in order to get the best rate to your desired destinations. Once you find a card that you like, all you have to do is enter your credit card number to complete the transaction. After your payment is authorized, a special PIN will be sent to your email account. This is the number that you dial before making overseas calls in order to enjoy the reduced per-minute rate that was advertised.

In addition to competitive rates, most international calling cards do not have blackout times. So you'll be able to make your overseas calls whenever it is most convenient for you. This makes international calling cards a smart choice for foreign exchange students and small business owners as well.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous companies out there, so be sure to read all the fine print that goes along with any international calling cards you decide to purchase. For instance, hidden charges are a big concern for consumers. Some companies offer enticingly low rates, but they'll assess an exorbitant "connection fee" on each call in order to make up for it. Another thing to watch out for is a higher rate for the first minute of a call than for subsequent minutes. While this in and of itself is not an unusual practice, sometimes the difference is so great as to make the card not worth purchasing.

If you frequently make overseas calls, whether for personal or business communication, then you can save lots of money by purchasing international calling cards online. Start comparing rates today so you can call your friends, relatives, and business contacts without spending a fortune.

Prepaid calling cards are great to call anywhere around the globe without any agreements, contracts or monthly bills. Calls can be made from any type of phone, private and public, even hotels or offices. Many of these prepaid calling cards also offer PIN-less dialing, an option that allows you to avoid using all those complicated codes when placing a call.
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