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In my household, long distance calling is a concept of the past. On our cell phones, we can call anyplace in the United States for absolutely free. Well, it will use our normal monthly fees, but there arent any fees for long distance calling.

Our local phone company also offered a package about a year ago, that included long distance calling in our monthly rate. Whenever we need to call another state, we can simply pick up our house phone or our cell phone, and we never accrue any fees. It is wonderful.

However, even with modern day technology knocking on the door, there are people who dont have the luxuries of being able to pay a few extra dollars each month to have phone plans that include long distance calling. If they happen to need to call someplace out of town, theyll accrue additional fees on their phone bill. Sometimes, those fees can be absolutely atrocious. Before my local phone company decided to offer this new package, I couldnt call my mother, who only lived fifteen minutes away in another county, without it being long distance. I had to use my cell phone. Luckily, we no longer have that issue, but there are many individuals who find themselves facing that same scenario every single day.

So, how can someone combat the torturous fees that long distance calling can tack onto your monthly phone bills? There are many ways. If you dont have a cell phone, you may want to consider getting one. You can get a fairly inexpensive plan that will allow you to make long distance phone calls and not charge any additional fees. You can call your local phone company and ask if there are any packages or plans that they may have that will allow you to make long distance calls without accruing ridiculous monthly fees. Their may be plans that they have that you simply were not aware of. If they are rather expensive, you may want to consider looking at some other phone service options. Most people have heard of Vonage. While their commercials may be somewhat annoying, the plans will allow for you to include long distance calling without seeing varying fees each month. You can call other states or counties and talk forever without seeing your phone bill increase a single cent. Most people will tell you that Vonage is actually less expensive than their usual phone bills were. You may find that you save money each month and have the luxury of long distance calling. What more can you ask for?

Prepaid Calling Cards

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