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What makes Excellent Calling Plan?

What makes Good Calling Plan? 10 items to check in long distance calling plans or international calling plan. What I am expecting from long distance calling plans, or international calling plan!

The question is do the calls service providers are listening to the customers needs or they just want to make more money. I am watching the variety of phone & calls services and there is no ultimate choice selection. Every one has some advantages and some disadvantages. For example if you take the voip services, they are cheap but you are not always can use them from anywhere you are. That is why I think the best is to have few communication alternatives, you never know which one will work in the place you are going. And the most important is that you will have a communication solution not too expensive that will work for you wherever you are.
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So here is my list of wishes and expectations in good calling plans.

1. I want to pay only when I am using the service and not pay anything if I am not using the service. Even if it is small fee let say 10$ or 10 Euro per month why pay every month at all if I dont use the Phone service long periods of time. it is sound reasonable but most phone services trying to lock you into monthly plan that you pay every month no matter if you are using the service or not. Sometime you might forget that you have a plan and just accidentally you figure it when you check your bills. So I don't recommend tying yourself if you need the service lets say for 1 month a year.

2. The cost of using the calling service to be as cheap and compatible to any other services in the market on that time.

3. The service to be very simple to use so even a small child will not have any problem using it.

4. Can use the service and make calls from anywhere in the world to any destination local as long distance and international and still pay good price, for example if I am abroad or out of my home town.

5. No need for special elements for making the call. for example internet or computer just can use any telephone available to make the call.

6. if the service is charged with credit so it will be an option to recharge it automatically if I select the option so I will not stuck without a service.

7. I really don't like that my credit will be canceled automatically after a period of time when I am not using the service.

8. I want to know the rates for a specific call destination before I make the call and not after long time or need to call somewhere in order to know.

9. I want to be free to call from any telephone line and have the best plan. it sound stupid but in some places if you have 2 phone lines at home you will get the plan on one of them. So when you call from the other line you may pay regular rate witch might be more expensive.

10. if the plan is for limited time I think the provider has to call me and ask me if I want to continue the service in different terms and conditions especially if the price is going up. It is also make sense to me but more then one time I found myself paying twice as much without notice. When I called to ask the service provider they said well you knew it is only for 1 year! well actually who can remember what happened year ago. I don't want to say but it seems to me that they count on our short memory.

So as I suggest that always be prepared! it is more complicated to find a solution when you are in a trip. You are not always having time and facilities to search for good solution abroad as you are at home.

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