Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards provide a great backup to your cell phone

you can find low-cost online prepaid phone cards for local calls in most of the countries around the world, as well as international long distance calling. Just choose the country that you wish to call, and we will show you a selection of prepaid calling cards to choose from.

There's a terrific backup to the cell phone system. It's a prepaid calling card. Cell phones are now as common as a television. Everyone's got one. Parents can feel an additional measure of safety for their kids when the kids are equipped with a cell phone. It's easy to keep in touch. People of all ages derive comfort from knowing their cell phone can save the day if they're stranded on the road.

However, what if you or your child forgot to charge their cell phone? What if it's lost or broken? You can't reach your kid and you panic. You find yourself stranded in a teeny little town with a discharged cell phone. Now what?

Kids may find this a terribly uncool alternative as you stick it in their backpack or wallet. The first time they need to use it, it will be a different story. Mom will suddenly become smarter than they'd thought!

Prepaid calling cards are very inexpensive and quite convenient to use. For as little as $1, you can purchase one of these cards with up to 35 minutes of calling power nationwide. All you need is a land line phone. Prepaid calling cards may be used at a phone booth as well.

Here's how they work. When you purchase a prepaid calling card, an ID code is printed on the sales receipt. You write this unique code on the back of the card. You then call the 800 number printed on the back of the card. You're directed to enter the ID code on the number pad of whatever phone you're using to make the call. You're on the air! Call your destination number and reach poor old Mom or whoever's wondering what happened to you.

If you're making a long-distance call from a friend's house, it's charged to your card, not that person's phone bill. This feature also makes it easy to use a business or home phone to call for help when you're stranded.

Prepaid phone cards are the ideal choice for people who want to make cheap local and long-distance calls, without having to replace their telephone provider. NobelCom prepaid phone cards allow their users to place calls from pay phones or mobile phones, being very convenient for travelers and people away from home. Prepaid cell phone calling card minutes are also great for teenagers, effectively limiting their monthly budget. See more->> Absolute Lowest Rates

Prepaid calling cards also come in handy if your cell phone calling plan limits you to local calls, or you have no long-distance minutes available. Why pay more?

There are some caveats to be aware of when purchasing prepaid calling cards. Read the fine print. Some of these cards have variable expiration dates, anywhere from 30 to 90 days. If you don't use the minutes within that time frame, you lose. The card won't work after that. When this is the case, write the expiration date on the back of the card. When your time runs out, replace it with a new one. Just toss the old card. There's no danger of someone making use of the information as there is with a credit card.

Prepaid calling cards can be a lifesaver, just when you need it most!

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